Sunday, August 14, 2011

Measuring a Tennis ball. (Caitlin, Cindy and Hannah)

The weight of a Tennis ball is- 65g
The circumference of a Tennis ball is- 21cm
The capacity of a Tennis ball is- 125ml
The width of a Tennis ball is- 6.4cm
The diameter of a Tennis ball is- 6.4cm
The length of a Tennis ball is- 6.5cm

Measurements of a pool ball

The circumfrence of a pool ball is: 11.6
The width of a pool ball is : 5.5 cm long
The lenth of a pool ball is: 3cm
The weight of a pool ball is: 48 g

Alana, Natalya and Annaleise!

pool; ball

53 grams

25 ml capticticy

1.25 raduis

doamweter 3.5


results of measuring an apple

The resulrs of the capacity of an apple is 225mls

Length and Width was 24 cm

Weight was 184g

Cam & Saul

Measuring apples by Bex Jam and Linda

We will need:
.Potato Peeler
.Baking Scales
.Plastic Bags

These are the results:
The weight of the peelings was 30g
The Apple without the skin weighed 200g
The weight of the apple with the skin weighed 230g
Number of Pips=7 in an apple
Diameter=75 mm(7.5 cm)
Radius= 25 mm (2.5 cm)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Circumference of a Mandarin. (Caitlin, Hannah and Cindy)


               WAY 1                      WAY 2                       WAY 3     

Our group had to measure the circumference of the Mandarin.
We but tape around the Mandarin. We took tape off and measured the length in centimetres using a ruler.  All the ways we tried ended up being 21cm long.

Here is a picture!

What is the width of a Mandarin?

We put the kebab stick through the centre of the mandarin and marked it with a vivid. We found out that the mandarin is 6cm long both ways we tried.


Natalya & Alana & Annaleise.